Banana Milkshake Marshmallows


Think banana milkshake whisked up with clouds. Or perhaps those little foam banana sweets that sit alongside the pink shrimps. If those are your kind of banana then these marshmallows are your kind of banana too. Air-puffed banana boldness.

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Each bag contains 8 large pieces (1 big mouthful or a few genteel bites) of awesomeness. Minimum total weight of 80g. They are packaged in a heat-sealed airtight bag and have a recommended shelf life of 6 to 8 weeks if stored in a cool dark place.

Once opened, they will slowly dry out and become firmer – at this stage they are still great if you like the firmer, chewier texture and now they are also perfect for toasting!

If you want to share them (some people do!) or make them last a little longer, then cut them into smaller pieces and dust with icing sugar or cornflour to prevent them sticking together.