Open for Business

At long last we have resolved our IT issues and our online shop is now open again for business. We are sorry to have been away for so long and are very much looking forward to getting back to packing and posting our gorgeous marshmallows to our equally gorgeous fans around the UK.


Keep spreading the happy with fluffy lumps of joy.

Everyone needs some decadent, sweet flufftiness in their life and bonboosh is here to oblige. Our artisan marshmallows are handmade in small batches, fluffted to melt-in-the-mouth perfection and stuffed full of great flavours.

Whether you like to nibble or gorge on them, dunk them or melt them, share them or hide them, bonboosh marshmallows will leave you smiling secretly to yourself at having discovered the most indulgently seductive of confections.

Enjoy.  Smile.  Repeat.